• Total users 3568
  • Total countries in the database 176
  • Total ranges in the base 14,118,119
  • Total IP in the database 3,614,238,464
  • Active tasks 250
  • Total devices defined 178,647,378
  • Total open ports 16,136,994,840
  • Average speed / user 3,510,345
  • Ranges updated 28.11.2023 7:00:00

Checking the network for the specified open ports.


Identification of active services and connected devices.


Formation of convenient statistics, uploading in various formats.

Security Center

Monitor open ports on your network and send reports to email.

Masscan Online

Online service, a tool designed to research and collect statistics on open ports on the network.
And also for monitoring the ports that were open in your absence and devices / services that were connected. For global scanning, you can use daily updated lists of IP ranges of countries or specify personal ones. For the user, the process looks quite simple and straightforward: you should indicate where you want to collect statistics, for a specific country or in your personal network, enter the parameters you need and press the start button. At the end of the service, an email notification will be sent, which means that the process is completed and your statistics of open ports and connected devices are ready in the form of informative graphs in your personal account and available for download in various formats for your convenience. The speed of tasks execution depends on the selected tariff plan. The service is constantly updated and refined for your convenience. Have a nice work!

Base of IP ranges

Daily updated database of IP ranges by country.
United States of America 1,615,628,288 IP
China 343,132,416 IP
Japan 190,337,280 IP
Great Britain 126,651,392 IP
Germany 123,983,104 IP

Own up-to-date database of IP address ranges by country.
Updates 1 time per 24 hours. Access is provided free of charge for any tariff plan.

Tariff plans

from $4/day

  • Скорость до 3 600 000 PPS+
  • Service definition
  • Upload to FTP
  • Monitor open ports
  • Email report
  • Possibility to connect additional capacities

Most Discovered Services

ssl X509 http title ssh other
38.47% 28.05% 19.03% 10.99% 2.22% 1.25%

Top 10 countries with open ports

Country Open ports
United States of America 6,831,618,331 PC.
Great Britain 648,302,884 PC.
Japan 465,387,709 PC.
Germany 402,172,299 PC.
Romania 296,500,261 PC.
Singapore 282,543,724 PC.
China 257,971,536 PC.
Slovakia 251,084,841 PC.
Poland 245,555,053 PC.
France 233,501,345 PC.